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Hyundai Exter: Second Long Term Report

We have been trying the Hyundai Creta EX petroleum manual variation as a feature of our drawn out armada for over 8,000km at this point. In this second long haul report, we share our encounters and perceptions from living with the famous reduced SUV throughout the course of recent months.


The Exter Experience Up to this point

The Exter has been with us for near a half year and has been driven broadly on various street conditions like city traffic, roadways as well as broken streets. It as of late crossed the 8,000km blemish on the odo and we figured this would be a great opportunity to sum up our perceptions up until this point.

Overall, the Exter has intrigued us with its adaptability, highlights and day to day driveability. The lodge space is great, in any event, for tall travelers because of the all encompassing sunroof gobbling up room. The ride quality is agreeable over most surfaces albeit more keen knocks truly do channel in. The motor offers respectable enthusiasm in spite of the fact that we feel the base end needs punch. The light controlling makes it simple to move in the city. We have additionally observed the Creta to be a productive interstate cruiser with consistent straight-line solidness.


Proprietorship and Administration Expenses

As far as proprietorship costs, we have overseen mileage between 12-14km/l in the city and near 18km/l on the parkway. These numbers mean a general proficiency of 13.5km/l over 8000km. Aside from standard fuel costs, we have not brought about any significant support costs yet. Just the principal administration was expected at 5000km which was a normal oil change and exam. This expense about Rs 3500.


We expect administration expenses to be sensible for routine support in spite of the fact that costs will stack up as the vehicle ages and significant fixes may be required. Having said that, the mechanical parts and generally speaking form appear to move long haul certainty.

Ups and Downs


Here is a speedy recap of what we loved and what we didn’t about the Hyundai Exter such a long ways in our 8000km of driving north of a half year:


  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Feature rich and premium insides
  • Smooth petroleum motor with usable execution
  • Light controls for simple city driving
  • Guaranteed rapid dependability


  • Uncovered back suspension makes boisterous over terrible streets
  • Needs punch at lower rpms
  • Eco-friendliness could be better (true mileage is ~13.5kmpl)

In general, we have viewed the Hyundai Exter as an amazingly balanced reduced SUV up to this point. It offers satisfying plan, premium insides and great solace alongside usable driving elements that make it an engaging bundle for purchasers checking out at mid-range petroleum SUVs. As our drawn out testing go on over additional months and kilometers, we desire to give further experiences and a more complete proprietorship survey for planned purchasers to assist with settling on an educated choice.

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