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Mahindra Xuv700 5 Seater Vs Mahindra Xuv700 7 Seater

Mahindra Xuv700 5 Seater Vs Mahindra Xuv700 7 Seater


The Mahindra XUV700 has overwhelmed the Indian SUV market since its launch in 2021. It conveys an incredible blend of Style, Execution, solace, innovation, security, and worth, making it very well known with purchasers. Mahindra offers the XUV700 in both 5-seater and 7-seater arrangements to take care of various requirements and family sizes. In any case, which one is more qualified for you? We should contrast them across urgent boundaries with find out.


Outside Styling and Aspects

Outwardly, there are not many contrasts between the variations as they have similar generally speaking plan and styling components. The aspects are likewise indistinguishable for common sense reasons with the two variations estimating 4,695mm long, 1,890mm in width and 1,755mm in level with a 2,750mm long wheelbase. The significant contrast is that the 7-seater gets a rooftop mounted gear transporter to let loose space inside.


Insides and Solace

The XUV700 offers open, highlight rich, and agreeable insides in the two arrangements. The 5-seater gets commander seats in the second line while the 7-seater gets a seat permitting it to oblige more individuals. The seats offer great cushioning and shaping with satisfactory headroom and legroom for travelers even in the third column, albeit the last line is still most appropriate for youngsters. The UI, nature of materials and upholstery choices stay shared across variations.


Elements and Innovation

Mahindra has loaded the XUV700 with contemporary common luxuries and driver-help tech in both symbol. These incorporate double zone environment control, encompassing lighting, an electric sunroof, leatherette upholstery, adjustable driver interface, Adrenox associated vehicle innovation, auto promoter headlamps, keyless section, and begin/stop button. Security highlights like 6-airbags, electronic steadiness control, slope hold help are additionally normal. A few premium capabilities like a 360° camera, blind view observing and versatile journey control are discretionary in the lower manages.


Motor and Transmission


In the engine, Mahindra furnishes the two variations with its high level 2.0L super petroleum (200PS/380Nm) and 2.2L diesel (155PS/360Nm) motor matched with 6-speed manual and programmed gearbox decisions. So whether you pick the 5-seater or the 7-seater, you get similar fiery motor choices and transmissions for adjusted regular driveability and SUV abilities. The tuning of motor power conveyance, gear proportions and choke reaction stays unaltered.


Execution and Elements

As far as certifiable execution and drivability, there are immaterial contrasts because of comparative motor transmission combos and close indistinguishable kerb loads – under 1,800kg for diesel and 1,900kg for petroleum manages. So speed increase, in-gear responsiveness, and abilities to cruise stay on par. The very much tuned guiding and suspension framework additionally hold reliable unique capacities in the two variations. High velocity habits and control while handling corners remain certainty motivating.




The eco-friendliness for both 5-and 7-seater variations is appraised between 11-18km/l relying upon motor and gearbox decision. The petroleum auto (MT/AT) is appraised at 14/11km/l while the affordable diesel-manual does 18/12km/l (city/interstate) for the two designs according to ARAI. This present reality economy ought to coordinate intently as variables affecting productivity like weight, drive trains stay comparable in the two designs.


Estimating and Variations

The Mahindra XUV700 is estimated seriously from Rs. 13.18 lakh for lower manages going up to Rs. 24.58 lakh for range-beating variations. The evaluating is kept uniform independent of 5 or 7-seat design, so include to-element and trim-to-manage costs are indistinguishable for purchasers. Notwithstanding, base-spec vehicles get either 5 or 7 seats relying upon inclination while better quality variations permit purchasers to browse the two setups to suit needs.



The Mahindra XUV700 makes an incredibly convincing case for itself as a way of life SUV with both 5 and 7-seat choices taking special care of purchasers. The suggestion of style, innovation, execution and worth remaining parts reliable independent of setup decision. The ideal choice eventually boils down to day to day reasonableness needs as far as obliging more travelers with the 7-seater or focusing on comfortable 5-seat space. Forlarger families, the adaptability of added seats in 7-seater is a reward. Be that as it may, most metropolitan clients will be enough served by the upmarket 5-seat feeling.

The XUV700 has been designed remembering adaptability for clients. It keeps on dazzling with balanced capacities, current age elements and reasonableness in both 5 and 7-seat structures. For the metropolitan purchaser looking for common luxuries, innovation and fiery execution, the superior 5-seater experience marks the right boxes. Bigger families can partake in the adaptability of added seat space in the 7-seater variation. One way or the other, the XUV700 conveys a total bundle with remarkable character and complexity makes it stand apart as an elite SUV.


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