Things to Know When Driving for the First Time

A car is a necessity in life. But since we do not yet have self-driving cars everywhere, someone has to drive it around. As soon as people attain the minimum age for driving a car, they train, complete a test and acquire a valid driver’s license. But still, there is a lot to learn before you gain the experience to drive confidently.

Driving for the First Time

If it is your first time sitting behind the wheel and taking control of the vehicle, you will succeed when you keep the following things in mind.

Stay Calm and Focused

It is normal to feel excited yet nervous when driving for the first time. But you need to stay focused if you want to learn. There are many surprises that can occur including causing an accident if you are not calm and focused. Listen to the instructions you are given before doing anything.

Instead of focusing on the in-dash technology and devices, your main focus should be on the road, bearing in mind that other drivers are also using the road as well. Focus on staying in your lane at all times especially when driving on a highway.

Test Driving Your Car

Pick a Familiar Road

Even if it is your first time driving a car, there must be a road with which you are familiar. This is the ideal road for driving the first time. Even experienced drivers feel uncomfortable driving on new roads because they are unfamiliar with them. In your case, you may not have time to look at the GPS since all the focus should be on the road. This is why you need to understand the road from beginning to end.

Start Gradually

It is a good thing that cars are now loaded with numerous capabilities like reverse cameras and sensors, automatic brakes and cruise control capabilities. If you check the devices supplied by, you will realize that we are headed towards a future filled with high-tech smart cars. But this does not mean that one can drive at any speed without causing accidents. As a beginner, you need to start gradually with speeds that will enable you to fully control the car.

Check the Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are the main controls on the road. They provide direction at intersections and junctions to avoid collisions and traffic jams. Basically, there are three colors that you must know.

·             Red means that you should stop.

·             Amber can mean that you should be ready to go or proceed if possible. In some countries, a yellow light can warn that the light will soon turn red.

·             Green instructs drivers to proceed.

This will not change in many states because the standards have been internationally accepted. As a new driver, these three lights will help you maneuver through the cities and populated areas, where they are mostly used.

Have a Helper on Board

Finally, it is worth mentioning that a helper is crucial if you are driving for the first time. New drivers need constant reminders about traffic rules and regulations, best driving practices and encouragement until they gain enough confidence to be on the road alone.

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