Protect your Paint Job from the Road : A New Level of Car Protection

Everyone who owns a car has at some point, found a minor scratch that they cannot account for.

Not only is this unsightly, it means that your car may need to have a repaint and, depending on the colour or shade of your car, that could be costly.

Protect your paint job

When out on the road, your car’s surface copes with minor road debris, thorny bushes on country roads and the even scraping against the floor when it encounters a pothole. No wonder it gets scratched so much!

Of course, there is a simple solution that will not only protect your car’s finish but will also reduce the need for that repaint.

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What are car wraps?

A simple idea that involves protecting your car’s exterior while also minimally changing its appearance, car wrapping is the process of applying a vinyl coating to the entire surface of your car or just a small section. The wrap is similar in construction to the film used in window clings and comes in a variety of finishes, everything from a glossy to matte finish.

Vinyl based car wraps protect your car’s exterior surface from minor scratches and can tolerate extreme heat from sunlight.

Benefits of car wraps

Protect your paint job

Aside from protecting your car’s custom finish, car wraps are a fairly simple process, an inexpensive upgrade that can be completed by any garage that allows for customised changes. While you could complete the task yourself, the finished result will not look as good as it would if treated by a skilled technician.  Many garages may offer this service for any brand of car and ensure a lifetime guarantee upon completion. If your wrap starts to peel off, they will replace it free of charge.

Are you looking to sell your car? A simple vinyl wrap can add a financial boost to your car’s sale. It provides your car’s exterior with a refreshed appearance without having to shell out on the expensive cost of a complete paint job.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business on the move, why not opt for a personalised car wrap? This will be more expensive than a plain one but is a unique and effective way to advertise your business when out and about. It is worth noting that not all customised car garages can offer this service, so it is best to check before deciding which garage best suits your advertising needs.

Nothing lasts forever and while a wrapped car is less scratched, given time the wrapping may start to peel away. If this occurs, simple return your car to the garage you had it wrapped at and they will often be happy to replace the wrapping for free, provided you are opting for the same finish.

It is better to seek a professional to complete this upgrade, as this offers a lifetime guarantee on all wrap services while also repairing any other minor damage.

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