Never Forget Your Car Keys Again! Here are the Best Solutions!

As a car owner you have to carry the keys everyday everywhere when you drive. But, if you are a person who forget the keys then what is the solution? Have you locked the car doors keeping the keys inside? Or have you ever forgotten the car keys in a place you visited? If yes, then this post is for you with few solutions. Once you have a solution to carry your car keys, you will never forget it anywhere.

Lanyards and Neck Chains

Never Forget Your Car Keys Again

Lanyards are one of the popular ways to carry keys with you. This option is good for 1 or 2 keys to carry with you with the help of a lanyard around your neck. As there are different colours and styles to choose, you will never feel bored when your keys are on a lanyard. When you choose a Jdm lanyard to carry your keys, you have many design options. Choose a design that suits much for your style! You will never forget your key again in any place.

 Key Sleeves and Cases

Never Forget Your Car Keys Again

Key sleeves are another better option to carry your car keys. There are different cute styles to choose depending of your choice. However if your issue is with forgetting the keys,then a key sleeve may not suitable for you. Simply you will forget the key case in somewhere together with the keys.


Keychains is another available option for car owners. The best thing is that you can hook the keychain to a belt loop. In this way you will carry the keys with you and the chances to forget the keys are minimum.

Above are some of the options for you if you are a forgetful person. Choose your option. Be it a Lanyard or a keychain or even a key sleeve, be responsible and try not to forget your car keys again!

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