What to Do if your Car Breaks Down on the Motorway

Having a car is really convenient. However cars can break down in any place without any simple clue. We don’t know when such car break down can happen. What to do if your car breaks down on the motorway? In case if you face a car break down on the motorway, here are the things to do.You should know some roadside emergency tips in order to face such situation.

What to Do if your Car Breaks Down on the Motorway

Move across to the hard shoulder

If you face a car breakdown on the road, the first thing you have to do is to move your car to the hard shoulder. Once you move the car to the hard shoulder, activate the hazard warning lights. You also need to on the side lights if it is night time. This will alert the other vehicles about the stationed car.

Call for assistance

What to Do if your Car Breaks Down on the Motorway

If you are member of any car club or any breakdown service that can assist the situation, call them. Otherwise contact any breakdown service for assistance. Car recovery services are helpful in such situations if you want to move the car to another location your home or repair service. When you call the car recovery service for assistance, they will mostly ask the necessary details such as the location of the incident. Be ready with such details when you call for assistance. If you check car recovery East London service, you’ll find the details on things to do when there is a breakdown.

Get everyone out and Wait somewhere safe

It can be dangerous to sit inside the car while you experience a breakdown in a motorway. Therefore get everyone out and stay in a safe place till you receive assistance from a breakdown service. You can always get the help from emergency service in case if you are in a risky area, with young kids or with any other issues that need immediate attention.

Once your car recovery service or emergency assistance service arrives, you will be in peace of mind. Till that keep these tips in mind to act fast in a car breakdown.

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