Do you use your car or hire a truck for moving house?

Well, I am with another moving tips post. Previously I discussed on how to pack your car when moving house. Yes, you can use your car to move some of the belongings. However as I mentioned in that article, you may need to hire a professional moving company to transport the bulky items. But, are you still thinking of moving all your belongings through your car? Let’s discuss.

Can you move everything using your car? Is this possible? Well, with my experience I prefer to use a professional moving company to move part of my belongings. But, I also used a car to transport the things that can fit in a car.

Why? There are reasons for this. As per this company who offers the service of providing movers Dubai; a professional moving company can easily complete your moving task in easy 3 steps. They will simply pack your items, deliver to the location and unpack. It sounds really easy and hassle free when you use a professional mover.

with a truck,you can move everything in 1 or few trips

Further, if you have to move your items to a longer distance, you will have to use your car for few trips. It is not worth when compared the cost of fuel and time you have to spend. But, when you use a moving company, they will use a truck to transport the items. Most of the time, you will need 1 trip only. In this way you can easily save time and money on your moving task.

How to pack your car when moving
You can still use your car to move some of the items.

Isn’t this sound better? This is why I always used the car to transport small items while hiring a truck to move the bulky items. I am sure in this way you can save the cost of operating your car.

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