Tips to Remember When Driving in Wet Weather

Driving in the wet weather is common, but certainly not fun. Driving in floods or even rainy conditions can induce anxiety. When the soggy weather hits upon us, it’s important to manoeuvre the vehicle safely to avoid weather-related accidents. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving in wet weather.

Driving in Wet Weather

Drive Slow

The speed limits you see on the roads are the maximum limit, not the minimum.

Slowing down your car during wet weather can help reduce the chances of your car hydroplaning – a condition where the car’s tyres encounter more water than they can handle and rise up.

So relax, take a deep breath and slow down the speed to match the conditions. If the rain is heavy, drive real slow.

Avoid Hydroplaning

Even as little as half an inch of water is enough to cause hydroplaning.

If your car does begin to hydroplane, be sure not to take sharp turns or braking hard. The vehicle could spin or skid when you turn or brake abruptly. So remove your foot off the accelerator and keep driving straight until the car resumes traction. If you do have to brake, be gentle about it.

Keep a Safe Distance

A wet road offers considerably lesser grip than a regular surface, which can increase the stopping distance. So be sure to allow ample room to the car right in front of you, at least a 5-second gap is a good place to start during heavy rain.

Driving in Wet Weather

Be Aware of Larger Vehicles

Larger vehicles such as RVs or trailers are susceptible to high winds, and the drivers may find it hard to stay in their lanes. So if you are driving in heavy winds, look out for larger vehicles and keep out of harm’s way.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

This might sound like a no-brainer but it’s extremely important to keep your eyes on the road and stay alert. Keep watching the cars ahead of you and be sure to anticipate sudden changes in conditions or speeds.

Try to avoid trouble with standing water by looking out for huge splashes from cars up the road. Maximise your visibility by making use of windscreen wipers and demisters as necessary.

Stay in Control of the Steering Wheel

Grip your steering wheel with both of your hands. This ensures you have maximum control of your vehicle. So avoid multi-tasking when you drive in wet weather. So put down that cell phone, and avoid texting while you drive. No sandwich, coffee, shaver, makeup or anything that requires you to take your hands off the steering wheel.

Follow the Car in Front of You

Be sure to drive along the track of the car ahead of you. This way, the car in front of you can displace any standing water on the road.

Check Your Tyres before Your Trip

Threadbare or bald tyres are quite dangerous. So, when you notice that your tyre’s treads are shallow, be sure to replace the tyres. Ensure that the tyres on your car always have deep tread or relatively new tyres.

Alternatively, invest in all-weather tyres. This can even come handy if you end up hydroplaning.

Keep Patience

It is important to stay patient, especially in wet weather. In poor conditions, journeys could take longer than expected. So avoid driving in a rush. It’s not worth the risk.

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