How to Pack Your Car when Moving

If you read this post, then I know you are planning to move to a new place or new house. While moving house is not really exciting, you can still use your car to move part of your belongings. It can be moving interstate or moving to a house in the same area,these tips will be still helpful to pack your car.

How to pack your car when moving

With my experience in moving home and moving some of the belongings through the car, I want to share some of the tips that might help you.I have experience in moving house few times and I used the car for most of my items.However I also used a professional mover service for the heavy items.

Choose the items wisely

Moving all the belongings by only your car is impossible. You will need to hire a moving service to transport the heavy items and bulky items. As per experts at movingservicesdubai you should always hire a team of movers who has expertise in smooth transportation of items.

But, by using your car to transport some of the items, you can save some money by avoiding a further trip by the transport service.

Remove unnecessary things from your car

How to pack your car when moving

Before packing your car, be sure to remove all the unnecessary items inside it. Be sure it is empty and clean. As the space inside is limited; decide the items that you should carry in your car. Keep the bulky items to transport through the professional movers.

Always keep the valuable items to move by using your car. You may need to have multiple trips in case if you want to limit the mover service for 1 trip only.

Avoid Cardboard boxes and use bags to pack

Have you noticed that cardboard boxes take more space inside your car? Therefore, avoid the boxes but use bags to pack your belongings. Plastic bags are perfect for packing your items in order to save the space.

 Finally, plan how you fill the car with the belongings. Don’t over pack next to the driver’s seat nor block the view. Be sure to pack everything safely.

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