How to Dry a Car Properly After Washing

When we talk about how to dry a car properly after washing it, this may sound like a simple act. However drying a car properly and safely is one of the most important tasks in order to maintain your car in best condition.

What is the best way to dry a car after washing ?Let’s discuss.But before that it is necessary to understand the importance of drying a car after washing.You may think that it is unnecessary to dry your car after washing.But there are many reasons to give your wet car a dry look.

How to Dry a Car Properly

Why it is important to dry a car after washing?

The first reason is obvious. You will maintain your car’s aesthetic by keeping it in good condition. After you wash your car it is necessary to dry it in order to remove the water marks on the body. Your car will shine with its best look after a proper drying. Remember, it should be proper way to dry your car avoiding any scratches. After all, a well maintained car will have a good resale value when you want to sell it.

How to dry your car?

What is the best way to dry a car? There are many ways to dry a car properly and safely. Below are some of the popular and safe ways of drying a car.

Dry Your Car with Pressurized Air

How to Dry a Car Properly

Drying a car with pressurized air is one of the safest ways to dry a car immediately after washing it. This is an innovative way simply because it doesn’t scratch your car and you don’t have to spend more time on drying your car. And, you don’t have to spend much energy on drying the car hardly. Simply use pressurized air on wet car surfaces to dry it.

However in order to dry your car safely, you should find the best source for pressurized air. Although you can use your leaf blower, vacuum cleaner or even an air compressor to get pressurized air, remember you should use air from a nozzle that is really clean. It should free of any debris. This is why it is better to use a blower only for drying your car. In case if you use it as a leaf blower, make sure the nozzle is free from any dust or debris. This step will avoid any accidental dirt or scratch your car surface.When you buy a leaf blower or any source for pressurize air,don’t forget to choose the beast and suitable blower for drying a car.Read reviews and specification before you choose a blower for drying your car as different blowers come with different specs and capacity.

Use a suitable cloth

How to Dry a Car

Yes, you need to use a proper and suitable cloth for drying your car after washing it. You cannot use a kitchen towel to dry your car.

If so, what are the suitable clothes for drying a car?

You can use a microfiber dryer towel to dry your car safely without scratches. In any supermarket, look for car related items section. You will find suitable microfiber towels that are suitable for cars. Other than microfiber towels, Chamois are another popular item to use for drying a car. Although Chamois are not exactly a cloth, it is a type of soft leather washing cloth that is suitable for any car.

A cloth will dry the car in few minutes with their power of absorbency.

When you choose a cloth for drying your car, remember to choose a material that won’t scratch the car.

Above are the best and easy ways to dry a car safely. What are the other methods of drying a car? How do you dry your car after washing? Please share your thoughts.

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