How to Clean Your Car’s Windshield

Maintaining your car’s windshield in top condition is really important due to many reasons. Your windscreen or windshield affects the safety while driving. It is important to keep it clean for the best visibility while on the road. Due to these reasons every car owners should keep their car’s windshield without any dust which creates low visibility. Cleaning windscreens is part of your car maintenance routine.

How to Clean Your Car’s Windshield

How do you clean your windscreen? In case if you are not sure of the best ways to clean your car’s windshield then here are some of the tips.

Danger of having a windshield with low visibility

As we discussed before, having a low visible windshield affects the safety on the road. It is obvious that when the driver cannot see the road properly that will lead to accidents. Other than the dust accumulated at the exterior of windshield, do you know that there can be oily film on the interior side? This oily film can result increased glare during the night. Therefore due to this oily film and increased glare, most drivers find it difficult on the road. The result can be an accident!

How to clean the windscreen properly?

You can easily clean your windscreen by using a wet cloth. However, if there are more dust accumulated and if there is a thick oily film on interior it is not easy to clean just by using a wet cloth. On the other way, you have to choose microfiber or suitable soft cloth to prevent scratches on the glass.

When you clean your windscreen you have to follow the best methods in order to avoid streaks. Streaks can be due to poor cleaning of the glass or due to the cleaning material you use. Always avoid cleaning products that contains bleaching chemicals. Ammonia is one of such ingredients in some cleaning solutions that you need to avoid.

In order to clean your windscreen properly and safely you can always use windshield washer tablets which are specially manufactured for the purpose. When you use such windshield washer tablets you ensure the durability of your windscreen too. How do you ensure the durability of the windscreen? It is simple. When you use a quality product on the glass it will not scratch the windscreen or will not damage the glass surface.

How to Clean Your Car’s Windshield

When you clean the windscreen it is also necessary to clean both inside and outside. Don’t forget that cleaning of wiper blades is part of your cleaning process. A quality windshield wiper fluid is suitable for better cleaning which avoid scratches and streaks on the glass due to the wiper.

On rainy days you will notice that it is difficult to remove the oily film of the windscreen with a simple wash. By using a windshield washer fluid you can easily clean the glass by removing the oil film. Do you know that you can make your windshield washer fluid easily? You will only need windshield washer tablets to make your own windscreen washer fluid which make your life easier! Simply fill the car kettle with clean water. Add a windshield washer tablet in to the kettle. Then turn on your auto car cleaning equipment and clean the windscreen. It is that simple and you will have clean windshield in few minutes.

Finally, don’t ignore the cleanliness of your car windshield. Keep it clean all times. Always use quality and suitable products on your car in order to prevent further damages.

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