Camper Van Conversions or Coachbuilt Motorhomes?

If you look for a camper van, then I am sure you have different options and you don’t know which option to choose. While buying a coachbuilt sounds easy and convenient on the other way camper van conversions are a popular option due to its many benefits. Therefore in this post we want to discuss some of the benefits and details comparing both camper van conversions and coachbuilt. After reading this post you will get some idea on both options and then you can decide which option suits you the most.Let’s ask the question again,Camper Van Conversions or coachbuilt? How to choose the best model?

Camper Van Conversions or coachbuilt

Camper van conversions

One of the most admired feature of campervan conversions is that it looks like a standard transport vehicle from outside. It doesn’t look like a camper van when someone looks at it from outside. But inside, the conversion is equipped with furniture and other necessary equipment for you to enjoy your motorhome. Usually camper van conversions are smaller than coachbuilt which is perfect for couples or small families. I found some recent models at Three Big Camper Van Conversions which looks more like a van from outside but equipped with comfortable interior inside. If you look for romantic holiday or family getaway, then conversion model is the ideal style for you.

Camper Van Conversions or coachbuilt

Coachbuilt style

Coachbuilt style camper van is easily identified as a motorhome. Usually a Coachbuilt is taller and longer than a conversion model. Inside the coachbuilt you will find furniture and other accessories necessary to experience a good sleep including bed, washroom and wardrobe. It is also included a kitchen. Usually coachbuilt model is perfect for large families who look for more spacious living space in their motorhome.

Above are basic classification over coachbuilt and conversions. Think of your purpose of owning a motorhome. Then decide on the best option!

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