5 Tips to Hire the Best Car for your Wedding Day

If you are planning your wedding, you should already know that it takes a lot of time and effort. It is always a wish for any bride to have an unforgettable wedding day. Among so many things to do for your wedding, don’t forget the importance of the wedding car. If you think that you just want transportation from a vehicle to cover your needs on the wedding day, that’s wrong. Instead, pay more attention on selecting the most suitable wedding car and avoid disappointment.Even you have to pay attention when you hire a bus charter for your guests.

Therefore, here are some tips for you to help choosing the wedding car. If you read carefully you may find most of these tips are actually important to you on your wedding day to have the most organized wedding. Especially things like wedding gown design and car space are something that anyone can easily forget. Even if you have a group of bridesmaids and flower girls, you need to consider the space you all need inside your wedding car or wedding transportation vehicle.Renting a luxury car as your wedding car can be one of the best options if you dream on a luxury car for your wedding day!

#1: Book your wedding transportation early

It is best if you book your wedding transportation at least six months early. That will make sure that you can get your preferred wedding car for your special day. However, if you plan for a vintage wedding car or any type of rare car, start looking for it early. Nine months in advance is perfect for booking if it is a rare model.

5 Tips to Hire the Best Car for your Wedding Day

#2: Consider the Theme

If you consider your wedding theme when selecting your wedding car, then that will show your guests an organized wedding and your effort on organizing such a beautiful day. Although you can’t exactly match your wedding car with your wedding theme, it is possible to consider vintage, traditional or modern wedding theme with matching wedding cars. If you go with a theme colour it is simply easy to find a wedding car which goes with your theme colour.

Think of having a vintage wedding theme and using a type of below car for your wedding transport.Looks ugly,isn’t it?I mean this car is modern and beautiful,but for a vintage wedding,it is better to use a vintage car.

5 Tips to Hire the Best Car for your Wedding DayHow about a car like below for your vintage themed wedding?

5 Tips to Hire the Best Car for your Wedding Day

#3: Consider the Wedding Gown design

Now, you may think why you need to consider wedding gown design when you select your wedding car or wedding transportation. This may sound like something unwanted. However just think of wearing wedding dress that comes with a large skirt and trying to get into a normal car with your bridesmaids. How if your bridesmaids also wear the same type of bridesmaid dresses which need more space?

Look at the below stylish wedding gown I found from the Best for Bride bridal shop Barrie store.If you wear a wedding gown  like this,you may need to consider more space in your wedding transportation.


Below is another wedding gown I found from the same Best for Bride bridal shop.Both these wedding gowns are elegant and stunning.So,don’t go for a wedding gown which you don’t attract simply because of the space you need in wedding car.Instead select your preferred wedding gown and then decide on the car according to the requirements.Don’t forget,you need to appear in the most stunning wedding gown on your big day.So,select your stunning wedding gown as you prefer.


A wedding gown with long train will sure needs more space,but still it is one of the beautiful styles for any bride I’ve seen so far.


This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a simple wedding gown for your wedding because of the space of normal wedding car. Instead check with your car company about the available options if you need more space due to the wedding gown style.

#4: Budget

Although you want to hire the most comfortable vehicle for your wedding transportation, you should have a set budget too. If you already have a budget in mind, try to find a wedding car within that budget. It is sometimes easier to get the help of the car hire company to find a car within your budget, if the budget is too low.

#5: Examine it properly

You are going to hire a car for your big day. Your wedding car plays an important role on your wedding and it also adds some elegance to your wedding. So, you can’t do it wrong. To prevent such situations, check the vehicle properly before you confirm. Check whether it is a well maintained vehicle or not. These things will help you to avoid selecting the wrong vehicle.

Above are some valuable tips to hire the best car for your Wedding Day.Do you have any more tips to add?If so,please share.

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